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Posted in Media Players,MP3 by Darrin Olson on July 25th, 2007

SAFA SPO MP3 has sport lookThe SPO MP3 player from Korean company SAFA features a sporty look with a rubberized case and short lanyard giving it a good grip for using during running or other outdoor activities. It’s powered by one AAA battery which gives is 10 hours of continuous playback time.

It comes in a 1GB capacity with a standard set of features including a color OLED display, FM radio tuner and voice recording through a built-in microphone. It also connects to your computer via USB to transfer files or to simply act as a portable storage device. The SAFA SPO MP3 player retails in Korea for 49,000 won, or about $54. Even if you’re not interested in the MP3 player you should at least check out SAFA’s interesting website.

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