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Microsoft cuts price of Xbox 360 HD DVD player

Posted in HD DVD,Microsoft,News,Xbox 360 by Darrin Olson on July 26th, 2007

Microsoft reduces the price of the Xbox 360 HD DVD player by $20 and offers 5 free HD DVD moviesMicrosoft made an announcement today at Comic-Con International that they will be cutting the price of not the Xbox 360 itself, but the Xbox 360 HD DVD player. Effective August 1 the HD DVD player price will drop by $20 from $199 to $179. In additional to the $20 reduction Microsoft will be extended the “Perfect Offer” from Toshiba, the maker of the HD DVD player, which gives a mail-in offer for five free HD DVD movies.

Microsoft had a couple of other related announcements regarding the launch of “300″ and “Heroes: Season 1″, both on HD DVD. “300″ will be available on-demand through the Xbox Live Marketplace on August 14th and the Heroes pilot episode along with other promotional footage will also be available for download through the marketplace.

For those of you keeping score in the high definition medium war, Blu-ray has a similar “perfect” promotion going on until Sept. 30 where you can get 5 free Blu-ray movies with the purchase of a player.

via Machinist

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