MainNav MH350

Posted in GPS by Reuben Drake on July 28th, 2007

MainNav MH350 GPS navigation systemThe MainNav MH350 uses a 3.5″ touchscreen at 320×240 with large buttons to make the menu navigation simple with a stylus included so you don’t get your finger smudges all over the screen.

It uses SiRF Star III with a flip antenna in the back and a mono loudspeaker for voice directions or you can connect headphones to keep the conversation just between you and MH350.

The device runs off of a Samsung 2410 processor at 266MHz with 32MB ROM and only 64MB of internal RAM, but has a SD/MMC card slot to expand the memory and add maps. You can also connect to a computer and transfer your data via USB 1.1. The GPS measures 117mm wide and weighs 175 grams, but no word on price yet available on this one.

via Navigadget


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