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An iPod Karaoke Player?

Posted in Apple,Digital Audio,iPod by Chetz on July 20th, 2007

iPod Karaoke PlayerThe nosy sleuths (and we like nosy) at Unwired View discovered a very interest patent application filed yesterday by Apple Computer for a “Dynamic lyrics display for portable media devices.” Apple’s filing explains that “The text being displayed is associated with and synchronized to the media content being presented.” Hmm, doesn’t that sound a lot like what a karaoke player does? Essentially Apple is claiming the patent on karaoke functions on a PMP but there is at least one device out there that does exactly that, Asus’ Z801 flip phone.

Even if Apple doesn’t wind up getting the copyright the paper shows that they are at least thinking about giving us a iPod style karaoke machine, for those of us that like to sing to ourselves and without any amplification to our voicebox.