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Hello Kitty Robot

Posted in Hello Kitty,Robots,Toys by Chetz on July 23rd, 2007

Hello Kitty Robot hangs out with your kidsI’ve gone on the record before that I think Hello Kitty is just wrong. Today I bring you more proof that something evil is behind this Japanese sensation: the Hello Kitty Robot. Clocking in at 52 cm tall x 39 cm wide x 33.3 cm deep (including the tail…yes, there is a tail), the HKR will provide the love for your child that you can’t because you’re too busy working to pay off the robot’s $6,299 price tag. No, that’s not a typo: this thing costs a penny under $6,300.

It’s head and arms move. It has a CMOS sensor cameras in its cold dark eyeballs. It has voice recognition software so it can respond specifically to your child’s cries for affection, compassion and understanding. It can recognize when it is picked up. It has an ultrasonic sensor too but for what I couldn’t tell you…it’s just frightening to think that this thing is equipped with something that sounds like it’s a standard prerequisite in Batman’s utility belt. There are LEDs in the whiskers, face, even in the pink ribbon on its pretty little head. It runs off rechargeable batteries, it has a USB outlet, it talks and it will be heavily armed and seeking your death when the robot apocalypse finally comes. You remember the opening scene of “Terminator 2″ with the robots marching on the human skulls? Imagine this instead of the T-800.

Perhaps the final piece of information I would like to leave you with comes from the Hello Kitty Robot website where the copy describes who would want to purchase such a piece of technology: “This is a perfect robot for whoever does not have a lot time to stay with child. Hello Kitty Robo can help you to stay with your child to keep them from being lonely.” And when it’s time for your children to ship you off to an old age home you can take the Hello Kitty Robot with you to keep you company then, too.

DreamKitty via Gizmodo