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Refrigerator Tote Bag

Posted in Coolers by Reuben Drake on July 9th, 2007

CarryCool Tote Bag refrigerates its contentsAn insulated bag to carry your beers or soda in when you’re out and about is an economical and handy way to go, but there’s always a time limit on how long things are going to stay cool. This CarryCool tote bag, although maybe lacking in style little, makes up for its looks with a built in, powered, small refrigeration unit. Plug the CarryCool into the lighter socket of your automobile and it will keep the contents cool for as long as you need, or at least until your car battery goes dead.

The thing that this refrigerator bag doesn’t compensate for is price. Conveniences of this type certainly don’t come cheap and will run you a “cool” $155.

Product Page via RedFerret