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Icon Mobile Manager Screenless PDA

Posted in PDAs by Chris Weber on June 25th, 2007

Icon Mobile Manager PDA for the visually impaired from LevelstarThe Icon Mobile Manger PDA from Levelstar is screenless since it’s designed for the visually impaired where a screen is just not necessary. However, aside from the display not much else is left out.

This PDA hosts a nice array of sound-driven applications such as an address book, word processor, email client, web browser, music player, voice recorder, clock, stopwatch, and a book and periodical player among others. It also has the latest in wireless technology including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity on a Linux-based OS. Listening to media and the applications can be done through a built-in speaker or through earbuds and a headphone jack to keep things a little more private. There is also ample room for storage with a 30GB drive and an expansion SD card slot.

The Icon Mobile Manager also has an optional compact docking station (priced extra) that incorporates either a QWERTY or Braille keyboard with an Ethernet connection and a dial-up modem. This technology doesn’t come cheap, though. The Icon from Levelstar will run you a solid $1,395.

Product via Popgadget