Three New For the Wii

Posted in Games,Wii by Chetz on June 13th, 2007

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is one of the 3 games added to the Wii Shop ChannelNintendo has added three classic old school video games to its Wii Shop Channel this week providing a blast from the past of the 1980s. If you remember what it was like to spend countless hours playing any of these trio of classics now you can show the next generation what it was like to play them all over again (and maybe you can prove your pwnage while you’re at it.)

“Lode Runner”, “Sonic the Hedgehog 2” and “Golden Axe II” have blasted their way onto the service. Each can be played by one or two players and don’t cost much (500 Wii points to download “Lode Runner”, 800 points for the other two.) “Lode Runner” and “Sonic 2” will provide you with plenty of maze chase craziness (there’s also an edit mode in “Lode Runner” allowing you to make your own levels) while “Golden Axe II” is a side-scrolling actioner steeped deep in fantasy lore. All will provide you with hours of enjoyment and more opportunities to develop Wii-it is, but if it’s one that we positively have to recommend from the bunch it’s “Lode Runner”. Go get gaming.