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Audiovox’s $20 MP3 player – MP6512

Posted in MP3 by Reuben Drake on June 6th, 2007

Audiovox MP6512 512MB MP3 PlayerAudiovox has an affordable MP3 player with a 512MB capacity for only $19.99, losing the frills found in many of the latest media players and providing bare-bones portable tunes.

The Audiovox MP6512 supports MP3 and WMA (and protected WMA) files, has a nice OLED display that shows the track playing, and a fairly small case measuring 2.4 inches long and .8 inches thick.

Transfer the music files via a USB connection to your computer, and I guess I was a little off with the bare-bones comment. The MP6512 does have an built-in equalizer with presets for rock, jazz, classic, and pop.

Throw in 10 more dollars and you can get a 1GB version with an FM tuner with the MP6610FM.

via ChipChick