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MySpace declines to turn over names of sex-offenders

Posted in MySpace,News by Darrin Olson on May 15th, 2007

MySpace website asked to turn over names of sex offendersIn a May 14th letter to MySpace from the attorneys general of eight states, a request was made that MySpace deliver the names of registered sex offenders who are members of the MySpace social networking site.

The attorneys general representing Connecticut, Georgia, Idaho, Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania state in the letter that they are “gravely concerned that sexual predators are using MySpace to lure children into face-to-face encounters and other dangerous activities”. In the letter they express concern that thousands of sex offenders are “lurking” on the web site and the general design of the site and the absence of required parental permission to use the site for young children.

What they have asked for is a list of names of sex offenders registered on MySpace that are also listed in the Sentinel database along with documented steps that MySpace has taken to alert law enforcement officials and remove sex offender profiles when they are encountered.

On Tuesday MySpace.com said it will not comply with the request citing the federal Electronic Communications Privacy Act which says that they can only turn over this type of information when in accordance to proper legal processes. MySpace stated that they do regularly disclose information to law enforcement officials when the proper steps are taken. Also, MySpace does prevent children under the age of 14 to create a profile on the website, although it relies solely on the user to enter their correct age.