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High Altitude Phone Call

Posted in Mobile Phones,Motorola,News by Chetz on May 24th, 2007

Mountain climber makes a phone call from the top of Mt Everest using Motorola Z8.We had talked about the new Motorola Motorizr Z8 last week when it was officially unveiled but now the company is doing something especially novel to get us to pimp their phone again: how about having a mountaineer making calls from the top of the world? Rod Baber is an experienced mountain climber that is currently scaling Mount Everest. One of the items Rod brought with him is the new Z8 so that he could take and send back photos, text messages and voice calls from the very summit of Everest. Why do that? Well, as the company’s webpage plainly says, “Because no one else has.”

After ascending the mountain and beaming back photos/text messages from his trek, on Monday, May 21 Baber made a call using his Motorizr Z8 from 29,035 feet, the highest spot on Mount Everest. You can listen to his call on the Z8 page and get an idea of how thin the oxygen must be up there. It’s kind of cool that technology is letting people stay in touch in the most remote places on the world. Imagine planting your feet at the top of Everest, looking around you and then your phone rings. You answer it. Sorry, wrong number.