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Hanwang Tablet Mouse – ‘T&MOUSE’

Posted in Mouse by Darrin Olson on May 30th, 2007

Hanwang table mouse called the T&MouseThe Chinese company Hanwang recently showed of this odd looking mouse at CHITEC 2007 in Beijing. The device works like a standard mouse complete with right and left buttons and a centered click-wheel, but the center has been carved out to make some room for a small tablet in the center. The name is equally odd – the ‘T&MOUSE’.

It appears that the center tablet pad can be used with a type of stylus to draw lines, but I can’t imagine someone could create too elaborate of drawings with the restricted area, much less a signature or anything. I’ll bet you could draw some wicked circles, though. Even the area around it looks a little cumbersome to use since it’s sunken down into the mouse. I draw poorly enough the way it is and I don’t think I need any help from the T&MOUSE, thanks.

Source: Aving