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Garmin RINO 530HCx GPS and two-way radio

Posted in Garmin,GPS,Two-way Radios by Chetz on May 11th, 2007

Garmin RINO 530HCx two way radio and GPSThese Garmin RINO GPS handhelds are really some pretty cool gadgets. Not only is the RINO 530HCx a powerful GPS device, but it also acts as a two way radio.

You really need two of these devices to take full advantage of all the features, and with two of them the parties can communicate up to 14 miles away and see not only their own position but the position of others you know also who are also using a RINO product. This communication combined with locating is a great feature for safety on hunting trips, skiing outings or really any outdoor activities or jobs where you might be temporarily separated.

The RINO 530HCx model also has a seven channel weather receiver with the ability to catch weather alerts, and has a built-in compass and barometer (altimeter). A microSD card slot loads map data for different geographies as well as topographical information, road maps and even lake maps.

Garmin says this GPS/walkie-talkie will be available for purchase in June retailing for about $500.

GPSLodge via Gizmodo