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Vonage Commercials Safe, For Now

Posted in News,Verizon,Vonage by Darrin Olson on April 26th, 2007

Vonage able to continue to sign new customers despite patent infringement with VerizonIn a follow up to our story about the potential end of Vonage, their VoIP service and most importantly their creative media, it appears that the unlikely has indeed happened.

According to the Patently O blog, the Federal Court having an understanding of the severe implications of not letting Vonage sign new customers while waiting for an appeal, granted an emergency stay of the permanent injuction.

Again, what this basically means is that the court understood that Vonage could probably not stay in business long enough to reach the court date for their appear of the 3 patent infringements with Verizon. Now not only are they going to allow Vonage to stay in business with current customers, but they can also continue to sign up new customers, at least until the appeal date.

Due to this, the appeal date has been moved up as well to keep things moving along since I’m sure Verizon would like to see the US patent laws exercised as soon as possible. The new appeal date is scheduled for June 25th, so Vonage and their commercials are safe at least until then while they try to make some deals or figure a way around their patent infringing issues.