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Cool That PS3 with Pelican’s Air Flo Cooler

Posted in Accessories,PS3 by Chetz on April 25th, 2007

Pelican Air Flo PS3 CoolerIf you’re an owner of a PlayStation 3 and worried that you are excessively pushing your machine’s heat tolerance (or just one of those people that want to push those pretty Cell processors under the hood), Pelican’s Air Flo Cooler has arrived to meet your needs.

Drawing its power from a separate AC power adaptor, the cooler slides alongside your PS3 and blows a gust of cool air into its innards from its five fans, lowering the PlayStation’s internal temp by as much as 15 degrees. The really nice features are the device’s ability to cycle up or down depending on how hot the machine is running currently and that its looks are just as sexy as your PS3’s contours.

Pelican will serve up the Air Flo Cooler for $29.95 and in black and chrome swappable tops to match the color scheme of your console. Oh where were the engineers at Pelican 18 months ago when Microsoft needed you most? (Actually the company recently released an Xbox 360 cooler – well, better late than never we suppose.)

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