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OLPC Laptop Price and Production Update

Posted in News,Notebooks,OLPC by Chris Weber on April 30th, 2007

OLPC Laptops expect production delayed and higher priceThe One Laptop per Child (OLPC) project head Nicholas Negroponte has announced the the OLPC laptops have had a price increase and may not start actual production until October.

The OLPC machines were previously touted for the very inexpensive price of $100 each, but now Negroponte is saying that the price of the machines may be as much as $175 each due to increased prices in materials, including nickel in particular.

The actual production of the OLPC laptops may be delayed, as well. In order for production to begin orders of around 3 million laptops must be in place, and despite interest from multiple countries an order of 1 million back in February, they are still not quite to their goal in order for Quanta to begin production. Quanta Computer out of Taiwan has agreed to assembly the OLPC laptops …

Casio XJ-S46 DLP Projector

Posted in Casio,DLP,Projectors by Chetz on April 30th, 2007

Casio XJ-S46 DLP ProjectorIf someone asks you to think of three words that best describe a DLP chances are you may come up with the following: heavy, bulky and pricey. Well, Casio is trying hard to make you forget about the first two with its newest DLP unit, the XJ-S46.

This sleek and stylish device projects 2,500 lumens of light but its marvel is in its size (it’s the thinnest projector currently on the market) and weight (3.7 pounds or 1.7 kilos, whichever way you like your weight calculated.) With those specs you can slip this into your satchel, slap it on your back and pedal back from that morning office presentation and then watch “Casino Royale” that night in your home.

Casio also has another model, the XJ-S36, which outputs 2,000 lumens and of course costs less. Both models offer 1800:1 contrast, XGA resolution and are easy …

Buffalo BSKP-CU202/SV VoIP Speakerphone

Posted in Buffalo,Skype,VoIP by Chetz on April 30th, 2007

Buffalo BSKP-CU202/SV speakerphoneThis gunmetal gray number that you’re looking at is Buffalo’s BSKP-CU202/SV speakerphone. It’s for VoIP calls and it’s Skype compatible, but the best thing is that all the juice it needs to run comes straight from your computer’s USB port and no more than that.

Also, you don’t need any drivers to run it…yup, it’s supposedly totally plug and talk away. There is a headphone jack on the speaker’s backside so you can switch over when the conversation needs to be private. It’s also got echo cancellation technology too to reduce the background noise. The main speaker pumps out 4 watts while the two sides are 1 W each.

Buffalo just shipped it to the Japanese market and if you can find a Nippon vendor that ships to your doorstop it should cost you about $82.

via Engadget

Optimus Maximus Keyboard Pre-Order, Price and Plan

Posted in Keyboards,Optimus Maximus by Darrin Olson on April 28th, 2007

Optimus Maximus KeyboardThe Optimus Keyboard has finally gotten an exact price. We kinda’ figured it would be spendy and we were not surprised. $1564 will get you one of these customizable keyboards….but not until they’re ready….and if there are enough.

Along with the price announcement, the company has also listed a development schedule
showing that the first set of Optimus keyboards should be shipping around the end of November 2007. Tooling of the parts is expected to be completed by July, but then they have to wait for FCC approval. The plan is to have 200 of the keyboards ready by then end of November, 2007. 200 more are expected in December, and 400 additional by January, 2008.

The Art Lebedev website has started a countdown, and if you are interested in being on of the first few to get an Optimus Keyboard pre-orders will be

MacLockPick Gets Private Data from Mac OS X

Posted in Mac,Security by Darrin Olson on April 28th, 2007

MacLockPickA company out of California called SubRosaSoft has just released a new product called the MacLockPick, and it does just what the name implies. The device is able to extract OS user passwords, logins for different Apple applications, website history and passwords to different visited sites and more.

The MacLockPick software is installed onto a USB flash drive that when inserted into the USB drive of a computer running Mac OS X, it will start extracting all the private data off of the computer and save it to the USB drive in an organized little database. The owner of the MacLockPick can then take the data pack to their own computer running OS X, Windows or Linux and read the data.

This little “live forensics” intended device can get 24 different points of data from the OS X system, including everything from the operating system login for the current …

iOrder Food Service Kiosk from VeriFone

Posted in Services,VeriFone by Chetz on April 27th, 2007

VeriFone iOrder Food Service KioskThe job of being a waiter may be in danger in some food serving locations if the owners find out about the iOrder Food Service Kiosk. VeriFone Holdings just released this piece of technology that allows restaurant or convenience store customers to key in their order on the 15-inch display screen, sit back (or do some more shopping) and then come get their food when it’s ready to be served.

If the thought of not reducing their employee overhead costs wasn’t enough VeriFone also throws out to prospective buyers that early partakers of the iOrder Kiosk in the northeast of the country have reported a 20% increase in the average customer’s order size. In some situations this kind of thing could be the best thing ever, like ordering your drinks ahead of time before wandering up to the bar and having to …

Sony Playstation Eye

Posted in PS3,Sony by Chetz on April 27th, 2007

Playstation EyeSony will be releasing the PlayStation Eye this coming summer so all those PS3 owners will be able to see each other playing “Warhawk” when it streets later this year.

Based on its specs the Playstation Eye sounds impressive: it will have two zoom features (one for close-ups and one for seeing full body images), low-light level enhancement, noise reduction technology for the four-direction microphone and up to 120 frames per second frame rate (640 x 480 at 60 frames/sec and 320 x 240 at 120 frames/sec.) Sony also has a type of software called EyeCreate that allows gamers to edit and save photos, video and audio files including time lapse and slow motion techniques (so you can make your own music video, of course.)

It definitely sounds like Sony is going head-to-head with Microsoft’s social gaming model now, and in the company’s spin they stress that …

“Defcon: Everybody Dies” from Introversion Software

Posted in Games by Chetz on April 27th, 2007

Defcon: Everybody DiesIf you were a kid in the 1980s you remember the movie “WarGames”. Back when 640K was all your would ever need, Matthew Broderick played a high school hacker that accidentally stumbled across a back door into the military’s supercomputer and got it to play a game of nuclear war, a game that the machine was intent on playing in real life soon.

Now a software company called Introversion Software has made “Defcon: Everybody Dies”, a PC game that is available for download via the Steam service for under $20 or a little more on store shelves.

The game looks similar to the NORAD displays from “WarGames” and plays a little like Risk but has a surprising somberness to it that is captivating and chilling. After setting your forces across your home landmass you then begin start moving toward doomsday, deciding whether you should …

Vonage Commercials Safe, For Now

Posted in News,Verizon,Vonage by Darrin Olson on April 26th, 2007

Vonage able to continue to sign new customers despite patent infringement with VerizonIn a follow up to our story about the potential end of Vonage, their VoIP service and most importantly their creative media, it appears that the unlikely has indeed happened.

According to the Patently O blog, the Federal Court having an understanding of the severe implications of not letting Vonage sign new customers while waiting for an appeal, granted an emergency stay of the permanent injuction.

Again, what this basically means is that the court understood that Vonage could probably not stay in business long enough to reach the court date for their appear of the 3 patent infringements with Verizon. Now not only are they going to allow Vonage to stay in business with current customers, but they can also continue to sign up new customers, at least until the appeal date.

Due to …

Sony Handycam HDR-CX7

Posted in Camcorders,HDTV,Sony by Darrin Olson on April 26th, 2007

Sony Handycam HDR-CX7Sony has unveiled a lineup of 3 new high-def Handycam camcorders led by the HDR-CX7 which is currently the smallest and lightest AVCHD camcorder available. Weighing only 15 ounces with the battery, the HDR-CX7 can record up to 3 hours of full HD 1080 video onto an 8GB Memory Stick.

The camcorder has a 2.7 inch LCD screen which makes it easy to navigate menus and browse recorded content on the “film roll”. Recording takes advantage of a 3 megapixel sensor for HD video and the camera will take 6 megapixel still images. Both pictures and recording use Sony’s SteadyShot feature to help with the unavoidable shaky video or blurry pictures when trying to get footage on the go. The sound won’t suffer with this, either. The HDR-CX7 records in Dolby 5.1 surround sound which gets compressed and saved in the MPEG-4 file format with the …

May the Force Be With USB

Posted in Star Wars,USB by Chetz on April 26th, 2007

Star Wars Series USB DrivesWe’ve had the toys, the breakfast cereal, the clothing, the drapes, the carpets, the cars and sooner than you think there may very well be a “Star Wars” product for everything. Mimoco is doing their part by offering four very funky USB flash drives done up as classic “Star Wars” characters Darth Vader, Chewbacca, R2-D2 and the always anonymous Imperial Stormtrooper.

Every model is available in 1 GB ($69.95), 2 GB ($99.95) and 4 GB ($149.95) versions and come with appropriate bonus content already flashed on the drive like “Star Wars” avatars, wallpapers, soundbites and trailers. They’re 2 3/8-inches high and for an extra $5 you can pick up a protohoodie to keep it snug and safe while it dangles from your car keychain. Mimoco is saying that this is just the first series of SW USB it will offer so keep …

New BlackBerry 8830, Global Plan in May

Posted in 8830,BlackBerry by Chetz on April 26th, 2007

Blackberry 8830Verizon Wireless and Research in Motion are releasing the new BlackBerry 8830 World Edition Smartphone on May 14, the same day that the companies are also rolling out their new Global BlackBerry connection service designed to keep you always plugged into the net no matter where you may be.

The 8830 allows for auto-selection of CDMA and GSM/GPRS modes, EV-DO/GPRS network connection for high-speed data transfer in more than 60 countries, voice activated dialing, a new trackball nav system and the usual IM/Bluetooth/media player features we’ve come to expect. Verizon’s new Global BlackBerry connection service includes a SIM card, allows users to place or take calls in more than 150 countries, gain access to a 24/7 help desk and also receive calling card for free support calls if they’re traveling outside of the U.S.

The Blackberry 8830 will retail for $399 but you have to …

Private ‘SUGV Early’ Reporting As Ordered, Sir!

Posted in iRobot,Robots by Chetz on April 25th, 2007

iRobot and Boeing to make SUGV Early RobotIf you didn’t already know, the military has been using iRobot’s services for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, sending versions called PackBots specially made to sniff out IEDs and do scouting in dangerous places so that real humans aren’t in danger.

With over 900 PackBots sold and in use so far the iRobot Corporation and Boeing are teaming up to create a new next gen robotic scout that will serve in the military as well as private sectors. Dubbed the Small Unmanned Ground Vehicle (SUGV) Early, this little droid will weigh less than 30 pounds, allowing troops to pack it into remote regions and then scout out areas for any enemy combatants or to map the terrain before moving troops ahead.

iRobot will design, develop and manufacture the Early robot while Boeing lends a hand with systems …

Cool That PS3 with Pelican’s Air Flo Cooler

Posted in Accessories,PS3 by Chetz on April 25th, 2007

Pelican Air Flo PS3 CoolerIf you’re an owner of a PlayStation 3 and worried that you are excessively pushing your machine’s heat tolerance (or just one of those people that want to push those pretty Cell processors under the hood), Pelican’s Air Flo Cooler has arrived to meet your needs.

Drawing its power from a separate AC power adaptor, the cooler slides alongside your PS3 and blows a gust of cool air into its innards from its five fans, lowering the PlayStation’s internal temp by as much as 15 degrees. The really nice features are the device’s ability to cycle up or down depending on how hot the machine is running currently and that its looks are just as sexy as your PS3’s contours.

Pelican will serve up the Air Flo Cooler for $29.95 and in black and chrome swappable tops to match the color scheme …

Seiko’s Electronic Ink Watch

Posted in Seiko,Watches by Chetz on April 24th, 2007

Seiko Electronic Ink WatchLooking to give your lady love (or yourself) something special to catch the eye of passersby? Perhaps you’ve found the gift when you lay your eyes on Seiko’s brand new Electronic Ink watch for ladies.

This gorgeous bracelet uses a proprietary material that undergoes an electrical charge, separating the white microcapsules from the black ones to generate the time that’s displayed on its surface.

The Electronic Ink watch has two modes: “efficiency”, which the time is displayed in an easy to read manner, and “mystery” mode which shows the numbers in a more exotic, elegant manner. It looks more like a piece of expensive jewelry than a watch, but the price tag ($2,000) for this titanium covered beauty is in the same altitude as other high end bling. Still, it’s certainly nice to look at on the wrist of someone you (and your credit …