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Free space TV coming with the HelioDisplay

Posted in Digital Imaging,Television by Reuben Drake on March 6th, 2007

Free Space television with the HeliodisplayThe very same company that produced the M2 Heliodisplay mid-air projector has just come out with their latest project – the new M3/M3i Heliodisplay.

This nifty thing is basically a monitor that displays images in free space, just like those holograms of Princess Lea asking Obi Wan for help. With a viewing space of 30inches and a resolution of 1024×768, the display is quite blurry and not very stable. However, with advances this particular technology should become a big thing in the near future. Currently, this will set you back a very hefty price of $18,100 for the basic version and $19,400 for the interactive version.