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Hawking to Experience Zero G’s Firsthand

Posted in News,Science by Reuben Drake on March 2nd, 2007

Stephen Hawking to experience weightlessness in zero gravity rideStephen Hawking is a name that by now we all know well. The Cambridge professor, best selling author and the world’s reigning expert on black holes is now set to take a zero-gravity ride out of Cape Canaveral. Since he has spent most of his life working around the nature of gravity, it seems only fit that he should experience it himself, first hand.

Said the executive of Zero G, “the idea of giving the world’s expert on gravity the opportunity to experience zero gravity” was irresistible. He will be accompanied by his own medical team to make sure that all is well with the genius.

Hawking, now 65, suffers from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and is unable to move any part of his body, save his eyes and a small part of his fingers. Though this particular disease usually kills its victims between two to five years, Hawking has managed to persevere for the length of 47 years. During this period of time, he has been married twice and written a best selling book: “A Brief History of Time.”

Zero-G is a company that has been flying thrill seekers on a special flight in a Boeing 747-200 since 2004. Hawking is, naturally, getting his ride free of charge. Once this special plane reaches 24,000 feet, the passengers may leave their seats and experience true zero-gravity.

Hawking recently stated that, “humanity’s ultimate survival depends on colonizing the solar system and beyond.” This flight will tell him whether his stomach can agree with what his mind thinks.