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Apple TV Now Out

Posted in Apple,Apple TV,News by Chetz on March 23rd, 2007

Apple TV shipping nowSteve Jobs’ latest effort to synergize entertainment with computers is now ready to come into your home theater room. Apple TV, the company’s newest piece of hardware, is now shipping to customers.

Say you want to download the latest episode of “Battlestar Galactica” or “Lost” to your iPod but this time there’s a bunch of you that want to watch it. Instead of crowding around the pod screen, when you hook up Apple TV to your computer (whether it’s a Mac or PC), you can now stream the broadcast straight to your television. You can also do the same for any other trailers, podcasts, photos or movies.

When you add new content to your iPod the Apple TV box changes its menu to accommodate the new material via the 802.11 wireless built-in to it. Connection to your TV is done through an HDMI or standard video/audio port (watch out though because Apple doesn’t include a connector in its package.)

Sure, all of this was already accomplished before but the way Apple does it allows the process to be simple for us non-technical people out there. Plus, the $299 cost for simplicity isn’t too much to gripe over.