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Deepfish mobile web browser from Microsoft

Posted in Browsers,Deepfish,Microsoft,Mobile Phones,Smart Devices by Darrin Olson on March 31st, 2007

Microsoft Deepfish mobile web browserMicrosoft has recently announced the release of Deepfish, a web browser for mobile devices that’s still in its early stages. The new browser for smart devices promises to make the experience of browsing web pages closer to that of viewing the pages on a standard desktop browser.

For the most part, browsing the internet on a “smartphone” is cumbersome at best. There are a number of sites that have been developed with scaled down pages targeting mobile devices, but for the vast majority of web sites (including SlipperyBrick) you will need to view it in the full-size which can make it hard to view and navigate.

Toward the end of last year we had news of an Opera web browser that has “Small Screen Rendering” that would “shrink” standard size pages down to be viewed in full on Samsung mobile phones. The …

Prof Turns PS3s into Supercomputer

Posted in PS3,Supercomputer by Chetz on March 31st, 2007

Sony Playstation 3 Supercomputer createdIf this doesn’t tell the Sony executives that they better get a killer app game out for its PlayStation 3 sooner rather than later, we don’t know what will. Over at the North Carolina State University an associate professor of computer science went out and bought eight PS3 units and then clustered them together to combine their processing power. Apparently the demos for “Resistance: Fall of Man” wasn’t enough to impress Dr. Frank Mueller about the PS3’s gaming ability, but he can get a decent level of supercomputing processing power out of the 64 logical processors that are banked together.

Mueller admits that his Sony supercomputer solution is constrained by the 256 megs of RAM and networking hiccups, but for $5,000 the Cell chip architecture gives high enough performance for a relatively cheap cost. And, Mueller says, if he had 10,000 PS3s …

Don’t Encrypt, Just Repaint

Posted in Paint,Security,Wi-Fi by Chetz on March 31st, 2007

EM-SEC paint blocks WiFi from leaving the roomIt’s the perfect product for people that can’t figure out how to set up their own personal encrypted network. EM-SEC Technologies has the solution to those technically-challenged folk: just paint your home with the EM-SEC Coating System and your wireless network is secure. People inside can still access the network but anyone attempting to access it from outside won’t be able to because of what’s on your walls.

The EM-SEC paint works like this: the paint uses a series of water-based shielding products that restrict the passage of airborne RF signals, thus blocking the transmission of the frequency from your hub or modem. Naturally this kind of technological breakthrough was at first designed to shield government and military centers and protect their sensitive data streams but now private business and non-geek home owners can get in on the …

The Force is With the Post Office

Posted in Stamps,Star Wars by Chetz on March 30th, 2007

Star Wars Stamps from the US Post OfficeOn May 25 it will have been 30 years since the first “Star Wars” film opened in theaters and amazed audiences worldwide with its fantastic special effects, sweeping epic story and imaginative visions of droids, aliens and Dark Lords of the Sith. To commemorate the anniversary the United States Postal Service will sell a sheet of 15 41-cent stamps showcasing some of the unforgettable characters from all six “Star Wars” films.

The painted artwork has been designed by Drew Struzan, the illustrator behind the posters for the three prequels as well as the special edition versions of the classic trilogy. The “Star Wars” stamp sheet will go on sale at post office outlets on May 25.

The post office has launched a website where the public can vote on their favorite stamp from the 15 until May 23. The …

Affordable Projection From Sony

Posted in Bravia,Projectors,Sony by Chetz on March 30th, 2007

Sony Front ProjectorThe debate between plasma and LCD still continues on but for those who have debated over whether avoiding the box solution entirely and dropping $2K on a front projector, the scales have just tilted more in your favor. Sony is bringing out two Bravia projectors which feature progressive resolution and high illumination in 1280 x 720, and best of all, they start at prices that are affordable.

The two models are the Bravia 2LCD VPL-AW15 ($1,300) and the VPL-AW10 ($1,000.) Both have a 165-watt ultra high pressure lamp that cranks out 1,100 lumens, a short focal-length lens with 1.6 times zoom and a low noise fan (producing 20dB in low lamp mode), and also have HDMI input supporting 1080/24p. The beefier of the two is the AW15 which has a contrast ratio of up to 12,000:1 giving deeper blacks and crisper resolution (by comparison the AW10 …

Nokia 5070 announced targeting mobile youth

Posted in 5070,Nokia by Darrin Olson on March 29th, 2007

Nokia 5070Nokia has announced a new entry level mobile phone clearly targeting the more youthful of consumers by focusing on messaging type communications and a high level of personalization at an affordable price.

The Nokia 5070 comes in colors of blue and red, comes with a battery, charger, stereo headset and a host of messaging features. Voice mails can be sent through the Nokia Xpress Audio Messaging, you can take your pick of text message mediums including email (IMAP4, POP3, SMTP, TCP/IP) with SMS support, MMS, instant messaging, and top it off with predictive text input for speedy entry.

The Nokia 5070 runs Java apps that you can download along with the pre-installed applications which could include Sudoku, Space Mahjong and Canal Control depending on the country of purchase, and of course allows personalization through ringtones, wallpaper and themes. An xHTML browser allows surfing the internet and local …

Microsoft Officially Speaks Elite

Posted in Microsoft,Xbox 360 Elite by Chetz on March 29th, 2007

Black Xbox 360 Elite announced by MicrosoftMicrosoft today finally confirmed the worst-kept secret in the gaming biz right now: the Xbox 360 Elite is coming to store shelves on April 29 and will cost $479.99.

The rumors about what the Elite will come with were pretty much on the money: a 120 GB hard drive (which will also go on sale separately for $179.99), a wireless controller and headset in black, HDMI cable and a one-month Gold membership to Xbox Live. You will also be able to buy matching black play and charge kit and battery for your fashionable black controller just to ensure that your color scheme doesn’t clash with the white 360 look.

The big reason for the Elite model of Xbox 360 is Microsoft’s push to offer more high definition entertainment to its customers. On the same day that it officially announced the …

Reef Dram Sandals

Posted in Reef,Sandals by Chetz on March 29th, 2007

Reef Dram Sandals holds liquid in an internal canteenHey, remember those bottle-opener sandals we told you about last year? Well, just in case you want to make sure that you have some booze handy when the need arises you may want to pick up the Dram Sandals from Reef.

Imagine the following: it’s a hot summer day. You and your buds are splashing around in the surf and then you spy some hotness approaching. You have an empty glass but what do you have to offer the lovely ladies to drink?? Aha, that’s right, you’re wearing your booze shoes! Just reach down, take one of your soles off and pour out some of your finest drink to offer the fair damsel.

Of course, the shoe makes for an excellent conversation starter too, and people far away will just see you pouring your shoes into a glass …

Sony Ericsson Z750

Posted in Sony Ericsson,Z750 by Chetz on March 29th, 2007

Sony Ericsson Z750 mobile phoneSony Ericsson has announced plans to release the Z750, its first Tri-band HSDPA and Quad-band EDGE enabled phone. For anyone looking for a phone that can handle work and play issues, this is probably a device that you should take a closer look at.

The Z750 has a 2.2-inch QVGA color TFT display, 2.0 megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom, 32 MB of memory (expandable to 2 GB with a memory stick), is Bluetooth enabled, has a built-in FM Radio with RDS, USB ports and has speakerphone functionality.

It also has full HTML browser, live ticker and RSS reader support, Exchange ActiveSync advanced push email, support for SMS, EMS, MMS, POP3/IMAP4 email protocols, multi-client instant messaging support and has Java MIDP 2.0 so you can play some 3D games while waiting for your next call.

You’ll squeeze about 9 hours talk time …

Microsoft Unveils Xbox 360 Elite

Posted in Microsoft,News,Xbox 360 by Darrin Olson on March 28th, 2007

Microsoft Xbox 360 EliteAny day now” was right when the Brick reported a week ago that a press release would be coming soon from Microsoft announcing a release of the highly anticipated, upgraded Xbox 360. The new console will be called the Xbox 360 Elite and comes with some upgrades to both the feature set and the price.

In an attempt to further improve the overall appeal of the Xbox 360 Microsoft has upgraded the game console by increasing its hard drive capacity 6 fold bringing it to 120 gigabytes, as well as adding an HDMI video connection to send out high definition video content. The 360 Elite will also hold true to rumors by shipping with a black case, black wireless controllers and black Xbox Live headset.

The new 360 Elite will retail for $480 (up $80 from the 20 gigabyte version) and will …

Bang & Olufsen Bluetooth Headsets

Posted in Bang & Olufsen,Bluetooth,Headsets by Chetz on March 28th, 2007

Bang & Olufsen Bluetooth HeadsetBang & Olufsen have always made sweet-looking sound systems that we’ve lusted over, and their latest creation does the same for us again. At last week’s CeBIT show in Hanover, Samsung had the WEP 420 and WEP 500, their two latest Bluetooth Headsets designed by B&O, on display in a booth devoted entirely to the pair.

The 420 has its control buttons hidden behind a sliding cover. The idea behind this isn’t just to ogle the Headset more but to block static and make your listening experience exceptionally clearer. The charger cradle for the unit also looks nice displayed in your theater room and will instill envy in those that come to visit your humble abode.

The WEP 500, which goes by the sexy name Mini Bluetooth Headset, is the smaller sister of the duo. If you’re looking for something that comes in a …

“GRAW 2” For Xbox 360 Now Out

Posted in Games,News,Xbox 360 by Chetz on March 28th, 2007

GRAW 2 out for Xbox 360Xbox 360 fans of last year’s tactical military shooter “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter” are celebrating the news that UbiSoft has shipped the sequel and it’s in stores now.

While the 360ers enjoy the game, the PC and PlayStation 3 crowds will have to wait until June when their versions ship to retail, but they’ll also get the added satisfaction of having some exclusive maps made solely for their consoles. Ubisoft will be calling for beta testers for one of the PC exclusive player maps shortly, and you can find out more by hitting the official game site.

The sequel picks up 24 hours after the ending of the first “GRAW” game. It’s 2013 and the Ghost Recon team has just successfully eliminated a threat to the lives of the Mexican and American Presidents. Now, in the aftermath of this first …

Timberland Outdoor HT2 Watch

Posted in Outdoors,Timberland,Watches by Darrin Olson on March 27th, 2007

Timberland Outdoor HT2 WatchTimberland has long been known as a brand catering to the outdoor types by providing rugged and quality boots, outdoor apparel and watches. Recently Timberland teamed up with Swatch to create a testosterone-ridden outdoor watch called the HT2.

Available in brown and two styles of tough-guy black, this rugged chronograph watch packs a large array of outdoorsy technology and will dwarf the wrist of a lesser man. The Timberland Outdoor HT2 has both both a digital and analog interface allowing a total of 4 different time zones to be entered. The altimeter (available in feet and meters) keeps track of your altitude, the thermometer (Celsius and Fahrenheit) and barometer track weather conditions and a digital compass keeps you on track.

The Outdoor HT2 surprisingly does not come with a knife, but is shock proof and water resistant, of course, and will set you back about £199 …

Sony Ericsson Walkman W580

Posted in Mobile Phones,Sony Ericsson,Walkman by Chris Weber on March 27th, 2007

Sony Ericsson Walkman W580Sony Ericsson continues to expand their Walkman mobile phone lineup and feature list by now adding the Walkman W580. The W580i sports the Quad Band EDGE (850/900/1800/1900) connectivity along with music playback, and this time Sony Ericsson has added some additional new features to help with your outdoor exercise routine.

The new mobile phone supports Disc2Phone software to transfer music to an internal 12MB of storage which can be expanded with a Memory Stick card, and TrackID will identify unknown songs whether they are downloaded or even recorded off of the built in FM tuner. Some other highlights are a 2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth connectivity and a “slider” style frame.

These are all nice features but the real unique item for the Walkman W580 is its concern for fitness by providing a pedometer built into the phone. By counting steps the mobile media device is able …

The Helio Ocean

Posted in Helio,Mobile Phones by Chetz on March 27th, 2007

Helio OceanLast month Slippery Brick first told you about a Helio phone first spotted on the FCC’s website and now we’ve finally got a name for this baby: meet the Helio Ocean.

It’s designed with two sliding compartments revealing a QWERTY keyboard (horizontal) and your standard alpha-numeric keypad (vertical). It will come with 200 MB of memory and has ports for microSD memory cards to beef up any music libraries that you want to pack around with you (including Yahoo PlaysForSure and Napster support.)

The full color 2.4-inch QVGA display will supposedly be able to deliver full HTML browser capabilities and a MiniMap feature for road navigation tips using the built-in Google Maps feature. The Helio Ocean has a camera that delivers 2.0 megapixels, stereo speakers, Bluetooth support, USB ports, communication apps for all the major email providers and ActiveSync support.

It’s nice to look at, …