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More Zune Phone Talk

Posted in Microsoft,Zune Phone by Darrin Olson on February 10th, 2007

Some type of zune phone device possibly coming from MicrosoftMarket Watch has recently identified a filing to the FCC by Microsoft which adds more fuel to the rumor mill about a potential Zune Phone. What makes this filing even more curious is the fact that Google Inc., Hewlett-Packard Co. and Intel Corp are also listed as taking part in submitting this device to the FCC.

Many speculators have written about a possible phone from Microsoft ever since the release of the iPhone from Apple. The thought is that Microsoft might try to take the same route with their portable media player that Apple did with the iPod, making some type of mobile phone from the Zune player. The difference being the iPhone is intended for cellular networks, while the rumored Zune Phone would be intended for a type of network based VoIP connection. The filing described device using OFDM, which is used to manage digital TV and voice calls between devices.

According to the FCC filing from Microsoft, the device is described as a “consumer broadband access and networking”, and makes no mention of the actual Zune gadget. However, according to Rob Enderle, an analyst with the research firm the Enderle Group, the filing indicates “an internet device or a mobile VoIP phone,”. Enderle continued to say the device “certainly could be a Zune derivative product.”

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