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Sony doubles dictation storage in new voice recorders

Posted in Digital Audio,Sony,Voice Recorders by Reuben Drake on February 28th, 2007

Sony Voice Recorders with double the memoryIt’s always been hard to remember the small details wherever we may be. While some prefer to write it down, Sony has recently released a new line of digital voice recorders allowing you to store all the juicy details whatever the situation.

Totaling 6 models, each offers special features for a specific purposes as well as being ‘perfect’ for taking dictation. These special features include: capturing high-quality sound, creating MP3 files, and converting voice to text. Naturally all models will allow recording and playing records back without having to connect to a PC.

All 6 models come with 5 different modes. This includes Stereo High Quality (STHQ), Stereo (ST), Stereo LP (STLP), Standard Play (SP) and Long Play (LP). Each mode can be suited for your purpose. The nifty thing is that recording stops during those silent pauses, and automatically reactivates “without missing a syllable”.

The first two models, ICD-SX57 and ICD-SX57DR9, are both slim and durable in design. Priced at a hefty $200 and $250, these models offer up to 256MB of flash memory. These guys can hold more than 90 hours of recording.

The ICD-P520 and ICD-P530F models offer up to 130 hours of recording, priced at a reasonable $70 and $80, while the grand ‘power-user’ models, ICD-B500 and ICD-B510F, offer up to 150 hours of recording. These are priced at $50 and $60, respectively.

With these 6 models, you should be able to find exactly what you are looking for to let your mind run wild as you express the endless amount of thoughts you undoubtedly have.

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