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LucasFilm Digs a Hole for Digg.com

Posted in News,Services by Chetz on February 23rd, 2007

Lucusfilm owned by George Lucas has filed a trademark infringement against DiggLucasFilm, the company that “Star Wars” creator George Lucas owns, has filed a trademark infringement suit against the owners of Digg.com, the popular social networking website. The complaint alleges that Digg infringes on the copyright of a 1995 LucasArts adventure video game titled “The Dig”, and that Digg.com is treading on their valuable IP turf.

“THE DIGG mark is confusingly similar in sound, meaning, and appearance to the Opposer’s THE DIG mark,” reads the LucasFilm Notice of Opposition document filed last month in San Francisco. “The Applicant’s registration and use of the DIGG Mark would likely create confusion, mistake, or deception in the minds of prospective purchasers as to the origin or source of the Opposer’s Goods associated with THE DIG Mark.” In short, LucasFilm is saying that there are still people out there that want to buy a 12-year-old video game and that they are going to mistake a website called Digg.com for the official website of the game.

Needless to say, when details broke on Digg about the lawsuit readers erupted angrily against LucasFilm, with many saying that the company didn’t have an X-Wing landing strut to stand on. Why LucasFilm would care now about the brand recognition for one of their old games is a mystery, but we can’t help but wonder what’s next. Will the creators of the 1982 arcade game “Dig Dug” launch their own lawsuit against LucasFilm?