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Jyve Offers Live Access To People Who Know

Posted in Web 2.0,Websites by Paul Patterson on February 22nd, 2007

Jyve Live Search EngineJyve is a live interactive search engine that allows users to ask questions through a live exchange of instant messages or VoIP calls with experts and professionals.

When you submit a question on Jyve you instantly generate a live message to a list of “experts” from all over the world who are currently online and logged in. Once connected you share information with your chosen expert one-on-one with instant messages or live VoIP calls.

You can ask all the questions you want for free. All that you are asked to do in return is to thank your expert with a good rating and a tip with Jyve’s innovative “tip jar” (if they do a good job of course).

As an expert you can advertise your services in the Jyve Directory and Pro Listings. This is also a good place for “Askers” to quickly find the exact information they need.

Jyve was founded in 2004 and started as a popular plug-in for Skype. Quickly growing in popularity, Jyve is now included in Skype’s Extras 3.0 suite and continues to link knowledge with seekers and bring members of the Skype community together.