BiodeLogon Facial Recognition Authentication

Posted in News,Security by Darrin Olson on February 5th, 2007

BiodeLogon Facial Recognition software for Windows Login authenticationNecSoft, a Japanese software company, has released some new authentication software that uses facial recognition as a different type of biometric security in order to gain access to a Windows PC.

In order to authenticate, a web cam views the face in front of it and matches it to an existing photo tied to the user account. The system also has a network management component in the works to allow a network administration of the facial recognition authentication for individual client PC’s.

As an added security feature, all of the images taken when trying to authenticate with the web cam are saved by the system. This, unlike trying multiple passwords, identifies the individual attempting to gain access to the system through the BiodeLogon facial recognition application.

We had reported last October about a Japanese mobile phone from NTT DoCoMo that also utilized facial recognition in its security. In order to avoid a photo being used to trick the facial recognition system on the DoCoMo phone, it would watch for movements, such as blinking eyes. Also a short password could be used in addition to the facial recognition to avoid a twin gaining access. It’s unclear if the BiodeLogon uses this type of additional security.

NecSoft via Akihabara News