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Specs on the Apple TV

Posted in Apple,Apple TV by Darrin Olson on January 16th, 2007

Apple TV SpecificationsIt appears that Apple is now taking orders for their new Apple TV for $299 with free shipping, although the device will not ship until February. If you plan on ordering one, here is a quick rundown of what you’ll get for your $300.

The actual Apple TV is pretty small, measuring a mere 7.7 inch square and being just over 1 inch tall, weighing in at 2.4 pounds. True to rumors before the Apple TV launch, it does contain a 40GB hard drive, and it runs on an Intel Processor.

The device is compatible to stream video content wirelessly across any 802.11g/n network, but of course they recommend the Airport Extreme. iTunes 7 is also a requirement to get your media for the Apple TV, of course.

The small device has a number of interfaces including IR for the included remote control and of course the WiFi, and it also has a number of ports for connecting to your existing home entertainment including HDMI, component video, optical, and analog RCA. The Apple TV device can produce high quality pictures in Enhanced-definition or high-definition widescreen, and is capable of 1080i 60/50Hz, 720p 60/50Hz, 576p 50Hz (PAL format), or 480p 60Hz.

Apple Insider has recently provided some inside information on more details of the inner workings of the Apple TV from “those that are familiar”. According to their sources, the contents of Apple TV might be considered a little sub-par in today’s component standards.

The processor is actually a 1.0GHz Pentium M-based chip which has been under-clocked to run on a 350MHz bus. The video card is an nVidia G72M with 64MB DDR2 memory, and the system memory consists of a 256MB of 400MHz DDR2 which apparently is permanently attached, and hard drive is simply a 40GB 2.5″ PATA.

The Apple TV is designed to allow users to stream content from there computers with iTunes (up to 5 different instances) to a connected entertainment system, bridging the gap from the computer to the television to make the use of downloaded media even more accessible.

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