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Self Cleaning Underwear

Posted in Apparel,News,Science by Chris Weber on January 5th, 2007

self cleaning underwearThis is one for those World of Warcraft gamers who can’t be bothered by things like personal hygiene. Scientists have developed clothing with special molecules that repel water and oil and also kill bacteria.

The materials were designed for the United States Air Force for use in under garments. The t-shirts and underwear can be worn for several weeks without changing.

Before you dismiss this technology as trivial you should learn of the reasons behind the development. According to Jeff Owens, one of the researchers of the technology, “During Desert Storm, most casualties were from bacterial infections-not accidents or friendly fire. We treated underwear for soldiers who tested them for several weeks and found they remained hygienic. They also helped clear up some skin complaints.”

So the self cleaning or more aptly described dirt and germ repelling under garments can be a life saver. They may also keep our troops from chafing in uncomfortable areas.

One of the biggest civilian uses of the technology might be in athletic apparel. Alexium, a British based company has the license for the technology. John Almond, a representive of Alexium said “We are expecting sportswear to be one of the biggest areas where this technology will be used.” He continued, “We are now talking to some major sportswear brands to use this technology, but there are hundreds of other applications we are investigating, from hospital bedding and nurses’ uniforms to air conditioning filters on planes and cruise ships.”

Don’t rush out looking for the new clothing just yet. It could be a year or more before the technology actually hits store shelves. In the meantime you will have to take a break from “socializing and getting xp with your party on teamspeak” to wash your clothes and take a shower. However, in the future, laundry and shower day can be delayed just a little bit longer so you get that new Epic armor set you’ve had your eye on.