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MobiBlu Boxon Audio/Video Player

Posted in Digital Audio,Digital Video,MobiBlu,VoIP by Chetz on January 11th, 2007

MobiBlue Boxon Audio and Video PlayerThe new Boxon video and audio player from MobiBlu looks a little like a small, old-school pager in this photo, but its capabilities are far greater.

This little 1 ounce device is surprisingly loaded with features that a person might not expect from such a small device. Of course it can play music and MPEG4 video, as well as view still photos and stores them on flash memory in sizes of 1GB and 2GB.

The Boxon can also receive FM radio, and record it direct to the device into MP3 files, along with voice and any in-line recording. It also features a sleep mode to promote battery life and fade-in music to keep from scaring listeners when the audio starts.

The device from MobiBlu connects via USB, so it can also be used to store your files as a mass storage device, and it has VoIP capabilities to allow phone conversations through a PC and a VoIP network.

The whole device measures only 2×1.7×0.5 inches and has a 1.7inch OLED screen, with pricing running at $109 USD for the 1GB version and $129 USD for the 2GB.

Source [MobiBlu Korea]