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IntelliTouch Wireless Speakers for iPod

Posted in Home Theater,iPod,News,Speakers by Chetz on January 7th, 2007

IntelliTouch Eos Wirless Speakers for iPodToday IntelliTouch announced its new Eos wireless speaker system for the Apple iPod. The speaker system uses WiFi technology to provide high-quality sound to the remote speakers.

The system comes with a docking station for the iPod which includes built-in speakers, and one additional wireless speaker. More wireless remote speakers can be purchased and added on separately. Each remote speaker can be mounted directly on a power outlet or set on a counter top with a cord to be powered.

The wireless connectivity for the speakers can transfer the sound up to 150 feet away, through walls and works indoors or outdoors. There is also a wireless accessory for a weatherproof outdoor amplifier with it’s own volume control to run the sound off of existing outdoor weatherproof speakers.

IntelliTouch expects the Eos iPod speaker system to be available in March of this year retailing for $299 with the one wireless speaker. Other speakers and the weatherproof outdoor transmitter will go for $129.

Source [EosWireless]