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HD DVD Vs Blu-ray – Battle May be Decided by Adult Film Industry

Posted in Blu-ray,HD DVD,News by Chris Weber on January 13th, 2007

blu-ray vs hd dvd - may be decided by adult film industryIn a repeat of the famous Betamax versus VHS, it appears that the adult film industry has chosen HD DVD over Blu-ray as their publishing medium of choice.

VHS eventually won over Betamax because the adult industry preferred it. In the late 70′s and early 80′s many video rental stores popped up around the country and they rented out mostly adult films in the VHS format. This sealed the fate of Betamax. It is thought that adult films is the main reason that the VCR gained ground in the first place.

Blu-ray was the adult industries preferred standard as of last year but recent trends have changed the minds of some studios. One factor is that there are many more HD DVD players in the form of Xbox 360′s already in consumer’s living rooms. Considering the problems Sony has had with production of Blu-ray based PlayStation 3, its no wonder some are questioning the Blu-ray format. In another bizarre move, Sony apparently has banned some adult studios from using the Blu-ray format. One producer, Digital Playground, has claimed that Sony prevented them from publishing movies in the Blu-ray format.

Ironically, Sony was also the backer of the Betamax format. In a repeat of history, Sony is pushing Blu-ray, a technically superior medium, but is seeming to repeat some of its mistakes with Betamax.

The adult film industry holds its annual convention the same time as the CES for strategic reasons. Since technology and pornography are strongly linked, some experts consider the rise of the VCR, DVD and the internet as examples of pornography driving technology, it makes sense to hold the conventions at the same time.

Tgdaily reported on their site that many adult film producers they interviewed indicated that they were going in the HD DVD direction. The responses seemed to indicate that price and availability were the determining factors in the decision to go with HD DVD.

So, while the final shot has yet to be fired in the battle between HD DVD and Blu-ray, the adult film industry may be the “Oracle of Delphi” once again pointing the way to the future of consumer technology.