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Family Sues Radio Station in Wii Water Death

Posted in News,Wii by Chris Weber on January 21st, 2007

family sues radio station in wii water poisoning deathIn a move that surprises no one, the family of the California woman who died after drinking too much water in a “Hold Your Wee of a Wii” contest, is suing the radio station. Jennifer Strange, a 28 year old mother of 3, died of apparent water intoxication after the contest.

The competition involved 20 people drinking water at regular intervals with the stipulation that if they used the bathroom they were out. The reward for the contest was Nintendo Wii. Strange was attempting to win the Wii for her kids. She ended up winning the second place prize, tickets to a Justin Timberlake concert.

What is particularity damning is that the DJ’s were aware of the danger from over consumption of water. Ten people, including 5 DJ’s were fired after the incident.

From Cnet News:

“The station knew this was a dangerous and potentially deadly stunt, but flippantly dismissed the dangers,” lawyer Roger Dreyer said in a statement. “Hearing the tape (of the radio show), it’s very clear they knew of the dangers and could foresee that this could lead to Jennifer’s death.”

The DJ’s were cracking jokes about Strange’s stomach and about people dying of water intoxication.

Police are still investigating the incident for possible criminal charges.

The station could not be reached for comment as the line was constantly busy.