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Apple iPhone – Should You Believe the Hype?

Posted in Apple,iPhone by Chris Weber on January 12th, 2007

black iphone should you buy itEverybody is gaga over the iPhone. It’s sexy, it’s sleek, and it’s definitely all Apple design all the way. Steve Jobs wowed us with his presentation of the iPhone. However, that could have just been the effect of the famous Jobs Reality Distortion Field. The question on our minds is: Is the iPhone a contender in the cut throat mobile phone arena? We look at a few issues that may hinder the fledgling iPhone on its first flight out of the Apple Aerie.


At $500 to $600 the phone is incredibly expensive. You could buy a Nintendo Wii, a few games and still have money left over a good night on the town. Considering some wireless companies give phones away with their plans it might be hard to convince a consumer to part with a months rent for a phone. Also what kind of high priced data, voice, music or text packages will a user be forced to buy in order to take advantage of all the features of iPhone.

Who is the User?

With a device this pricey, thoughts would turn to enterprise corporate users in the Blackberry or Windows Mobile space. However without an enterprise email service it might be hard to sell corporations on laying out the cash for a phone that an employee can use to play music and take pictures instead of getting business emails.


Yes you can play and organize music but can you buy songs write from the phone? That is a question that remains to be answered. According to an Apple VP in an interview with itwire.com, “iTunes was designed to exist on the Mac and PCs. That’s where the music should live.” So it sounds like no iTunes on the phone. Maybe there is something else for the iPhone? I can’t imagine that Apple would pass up on the huge revenue stream guaranteed by direct iTunes downloads to the iPhone.


Apple is being sued right now by Cisco over the name. If they have to change it, will it still be as cool. Yes it will be cool, but if Apple has to change the name they will look pretty silly or pretty stupid or both.


Right now there are a few big smart phone OS players. The iPhone uses OS X as the operating system for the iPhone. So a brand new OS player emerges on the scene and, guess what, Apple is going to very strict about who gets to create an application for their phone. In other words, Apple owns you, your data and you will be locked in forever and ever, Amen. Compare the software available for OS X and Windows. Windows has a lot, actually a whole lot compared to the Mac. Are we going to see that same trend with an OS X based iPhones? Mobile application publishers will have yet another platform to target if they can get on Emperor Jobs’ phone.

The Touch (Touchy) Screen

This one is pretty obvious. Where do most men put their phone? In their pocket with their keys and who knows what else. Where do women put their phones? In their purse with a whole bunch of other stuff. How well will this screen hold up to daily use? If the iPod Nano was any indication we should fair amount of complaints about scratched screens. If you have a scratched screen on your $600 sexy phone, you might be a bit upset.

So right now there are a few questions to be answered before purchasing an iPhone. Luckily, you will have plenty of time to wait and see how the details work out.