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Sony Ericsson W44S Dual Flip Phone

Posted in Mobile Phones,Sony Ericsson by Darrin Olson on December 21st, 2006

Sony Ericsson W44S Mobile PhoneThe Sony Ericsson W44S has been released in Japan and it’s sporting a new design. The W44S has dual hinges to add another dimension to the popular clam-shell design.

It has a hinge on the top of the phone to allow you to open it like a regular flip phone, and it also has a hinge on the side so you can open it sideways to watch TV through the 1 Seg TV tuner on a QVGA display.

The W44S also has a digital camera and a host of multimedia capabilities. To take advantage of the high quality display, the phone comes with a number of backgrounds such as an animated Bounce Clock, a Time Piece as shown here, a Train View that has the landscape rolling by, Ukiyo-e, a City and Starry Sky.

The widescreen shows a Theater Menu for different options when viewing multimedia, Lismo music service to download and listen to music, and a special email client.

The Sony Ericsson W44S is only available in Japan and we have heard no word on it’s availability for the US at this point.

Product Page [Sony Ericsson Japan]