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Pop Art Toaster Burns Patterns Onto Your Bread

Posted in Home,Kitchen by Darrin Olson on December 5th, 2006

Pop Art ToasterNot to often does a guy get to write about breakfast gadgets but it’s a good thing that cool gadgets are everywhere, including your kitchen!

This is the Pop Art Toaster, intended to burn a little fun into your morning routine. I can understand how you can get tired of plain old toast in the morning. With this you can surprise your significant other in the morning with a special unexpected message, burned right into their breakfast bread. What better way to say you care than sending a message charred into bread?

You can obtain a varied number of Pop Art toasters with different plates that slide in between the heating elements and the bread that have cut outs to make the different patterns. Aside from that it works like a regular toaster. The plates can be removed to do some regular toasting, and it has multiple toasting levels along with a slide out crumb tray.

Pop Art Toaster Home [Pop Art Toaster]

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