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Lexar Safe PSD S1100 For Enterprise Security

Posted in Flash Memory,Security by Darrin Olson on December 6th, 2006

Lexar Safe PSDLexar has released an advanced security USB drive for use in enterprise organizations to enhance the level of data security when using thumb drives to transfer data.

The Lexar Safe PSD S1100 uses a multi-layer security platform to allow users to safely store and transfer secure data and lessen the risk of loss or theft. The USB memory device has something called PSD-Lock that provides device-access control technology to keep those out that do not have the right password.

It also has some “off-line” defenses to protect the theft of data from the device itself. It uses an internal 256-bit EAS encryption algorithm, and has a housing designed in such a way that makes it very evident if it has been tampered with. This keeps someone from removing or replacing the contents without it being visibly obvious.

Moving data to and from the Safe PSD S1100 requires a password when the device in connected to a host machine. Each device has a unique id, and combined with the password that is set up an an enterprise level with  centralized software, access to ports on different machines as well as access by the device at all can be controlled by a network administrator at a central location.

Using thumb drives in general is a very fast and convenient way to transfer data. For obvious reasons many companies, especially those handling data for third parties, do not want that data walking out the door in some little flash drive. This solution from Lexar will hopefully allow companies to feel safer about letting their employees be more efficient in there work by using this type of drive. The data would not be able to be accessed from a non-approved machine, and they can control where and by who the data  can be accessed on the approved machines.

Source [Lexar]