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DataMore V2 Partly Secure Hard Drive

Posted in Hard Drives,Security by Chetz on December 16th, 2006

DataMore V2 Secure Data Storage From SavitMicroSavitMicro has a new secure hard drive called the DataMore V2 available for consumers in Korea, although according to Akihabara News you can special order it in the US at GeekStuff4U.com.

The drive is intended to allow you to store your own data securely in a portable, external hard drive. When you first get the drive you can format it and define how much of the drive is “public” and how much of it is “secure”. When connectto a PC via USB, it will show the public portion of the drive that is unsecured at make that available. The secure portion will not be available until you scan your fingerprint on the outside of the drive case, then the secure partition will be available.

When setting up the drive, you can give on or all of your fingerprints to be set up in the system along with partitioning the secure portion of the drive. Once it is all set up you do not need a driver or any software to get it to work on other PC’s, and if someone else uses the DataMore V2 drive it looks as if the data is available to them, when really they are unaware of the secure partition that they cannot see.

This works nice if you want to be able to take one drive to different places and not have to have a separate one with secure and personal items on it.

Source [Akihabaranews]

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