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Saitek iFreedom Speakers – Wireless From Your Music Player

Posted in Bluetooth,Home Theater,Speakers by Chetz on November 17th, 2006

Saitek iFreedom Bluetooth SpeakersMP3 players are great because they allow you to easily and conveniently have music wherever you go, but what if you want to share your music? Your options are usually to either split your headphones to share with someone, or you can dock your player to play the music through a bigger system with speakers.

iFreedom from Saitek let’s you share your music wirelessly from your MP3 player through this portable, battery powered set of speakers. It has a little transmitter that hooks up to your player via USB or 3.5mm cable connection. The transmitter will transmit your music to the portable speakers from up to 10 meters away via Bluetooth technology. The MP3 player (namely targeting an iPod I’m guessing from the name of the gadget) can then control the song you are playing (obviously) and the volume of the speakers. The advantage is you can walk around the room with your iPod in your pocket, along with the transmitter of course, and control the music without having to go directly the base station like you usually would when docking.

The speakers are a 2.1 system with a downward firing subwoofer built in. The speakers also require batteries to be added, while the transmitter has an internal battery that is charged by USB or from a charger. This looks like a pretty good solution, but I am not exactly sure how big it is. The site says it will run for 24 hours on 4 AA batteries, and I would guess it is about a foot long. Having remote control is pretty nice, but if you get out of range not only will the “remote” not work, but the music stops, too. This keeps you within 10 meters of the speakers at all times. Also the transmitter is a necessity to transmit the Bluetooth signal, but it does take a way from the tiny profile of your MP3 player.

This item is available for sale in the UK or Ireland for about £100.

Bluetooth Speaker Home Page [Saitek]