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Software Makes Stolen Phone Scream

Posted in Mobile Phones by Chetz on October 3rd, 2006

Mobile Manager Screaming Phone Software

So let’s say your phone is stolen. Well, you can stop your service for that phone, but there are three things you may still be worried about:

  1. You are out a phone and you have to buy another.
  2. The data on the phone might be private and you don’t want someone else to have it.
  3. The guy that stole your phone has one for free.

Well, chances are you’re out of luck for #1, but Synchronica might be able to help you with numbers 2 and 3. With Synchronica’s phone management software calle Mobile Manager you can take some action when you find your phone is missing and possibly stolen.

First of all, the software allows you to remotely delete the data that is on the phone, so the theif cannot get anything. That takes care of problem # 2. The next action is a “vocal” one where you can make your phone scream. Yes, it will actually sound like a lady screaming really loud.

Now, this might not get your phone back for you, but it will very possibly stop your thief from having the phone as well. It will most likely end up disabled and/or broken, but none the less the thief will not have a free phone. For me that’s the next best thing to having it back. If can’t have it, he can’t either!

Take a listen to the Synchronica Scream on MP3. It’s worth it but turn down your speakers a little; it plays two seperate, loud, abrasive screams.

Press Release [Synchronica]