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Desperate Housewives Now on PC

Posted in Games by Quagmire on October 5th, 2006

Desparate HousewivesI have to be honest; I’ve never even seen Desperate Housewives. Regardless of my TV viewing preferences, Desperate Housewives: The Game has been released for the PC.

The game begins by creating a housewife. Your new housewife is an entirely new character that just moved onto the street. From there, the interaction between characters features all the drama you would expect from the women of Wisteria Lane. You progress through the game by talking to the other housewives and completing little tasks that may arise out of those interactions.

The video-game industry is intently watching to see if Desperate Housewives can attract more women gamers. Female gamers are a large growth area and remain one of the most elusive goals for developers and publishers.

I just feel bad for the poor sap to had to work on this game. You know it is some kid who dreamed his whole life of becoming a video game programmer. He sits down on his first day to get his first assignment and it’s a Desperate Housewives video game. I think I heard his will shatter from here.

Desperate Housewives: The Game has a Teen rating (13 and older) and is published by Disney’s Buena Vista Games with a MSRP of $20.