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Sharp Triple View on One LCD

Posted in LCD,Sharp by Chetz on September 28th, 2006

Sharp Triple View

Sharp has one up’d themselves since their release of the double view LCD monitor with this new triple view LCD. In case you are not familiar, this is not splitting the screen across multiple monitors. This is one monitor showing three different pictures depending on what angle you are viewing from.

The picture in this post is showing the 3 images of the LCD screen are being shown; from the front, the left and the right. At first, aside from just being kind of cool you might wonder what good this is exactly. I mean, I used multiple monitors for programming and now feel I need them for everything, but I am always looking straight on.

The application for this goes way beyond just computer monitors, though. The double view is already being used in some GPS systems in cars, where the passenger can be scrolling through restaurant choices while the driver is reading directions.

This can be used for privacy from onlookers on phones, to show different advertisements on signs as you walk by, or to show different information on the same traffic sign depending on what direction you are looking at it from.

It might be a little bit before the Sharp triple view LCD’s are seen in consumer products, but it surely makes the list of cool gadgets for us.

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