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Sony Fontopia Headphones

Posted in Headphones,Sony by Chetz on September 22nd, 2006

Sony MDR-EX71SL Fontopia HeadphonesThe popular Sony MDR-EX71SL/WK headphones are an easy to remember, roll-off-the-tongue type of name that should make them easy to find on the internet.

Since you did happen to run across them here, these are some pretty high quality ear-bud style headphones. They provide some nice base sounds with 3 sizes of buds for different sizes of ears and an extension cord.

They only come in colors of black (pictured here) and white. They are a nice-fitting light-weight solution for headphones for almost any activity and come with a hard case to store them in which is nice because it will help keel them clean and help them last longer, and for me that is important when I spend around $50 on headphones.

MDREX71SL [SonyStyle]