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Recharge Batteries with Your USB – No Cables

Posted in USB by Darrin Olson on September 20th, 2006

USBCell Rechargeable USB Batteries

OK, so I use wireless mouse, and about every 6 months or so it starts getting flaky and I realize that I need new batteries. Of course I do not have any spare ones because I loaned the other two spare I had from my 4 pack battery purchase to the guy in the cube across from me for his MP3 player; and no, he does not have any spare batteries now either.

If only I could have recharged the batteries that I have without having some bulky battery recharging station thing that I had to buy and keep in my drawer or something….

Well, for me the picture here says it all: USB rechargeable batteries.

No wires, no charging station, no running to the store for batteries (provided I remember to charge them periodically). You can also charge these USB batteries in a approved nickel metal hydride charger, and they have a little indicator on each battery to show the charge state.

They cost 12.99 (UK), take about 5 hours to charge to 90%+ (you can charge the USB battery part way if you are in a hurry), and you can recharge them about 500 times before they will stop working, so you do the math.

USB Cell [USBcell.com]