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RealNetworks Announces Partnership with SanDisk

Posted in Digital Audio by Paul Patterson on September 20th, 2006

RealNetworks recently announced the launch of Rhapsody DNA, a new technology platform that enables device makers to deliver a seamless Rhapsody services to consumers via a broad range of media devices. RealNetworks also announced a partnering with SanDisk to create a digital media player that will utilize the Rhapsody DNA platform and directly compete against Apple Computer’s iPod and the upcoming Zune from Microsoft.

RealNetworks’s newly created Rhapsody DNA media platform is an alternative to Microsoft’s Windows Media Player. The new platform is based on the company’s Helix digital rights management system. Device manufacturers now have another alternative to Media Player, a welcome option considering the upcoming launch of Zune.

Rhapsody DNA offers personalization features to enhance the users’ experience. For example, as part of a music subscription service, users who plug a supporting device into a PC would get an automatic update of music based on artists and genres they have listened to and downloaded in the past.

“Rhapsody DNA is an amazing innovation that puts the celestial jukebox into the consumer’s pocket,” said Rob Glaser, chairman and CEO, RealNetworks. “We can’t imagine a better launch partner than SanDisk. Together, Real and SanDisk will soon deliver great new end-to-end experiences that make it easier and more fun than ever before for consumers to discover and enjoy music.”

The announcement of the RealNetworks-SanDisk partnership followed on the heels of the new Creative Technology media player which was unveiled last week. The Zen Vision W video, photo and music player was launched the same day Microsoft unveiled details of Zune.

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