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Microsoft Notebook Mouse

Posted in Mouse by Darrin Olson on September 13th, 2006

Microsoft Notebook MouseMicrosoft has a new multipurpose mouse on the market for those doing digital presentations often, whether it be on the road in in the meeting room. It’s called the Notebook Mouse, and is a slide presenter, laster pointer and a media remote control all in one. Oh yeah, and it works as a mouse as well.

The Microsoft Notebook mouse is wireless and will operate for up to 30 feet away from it’s receiver. It connects wirelessly with 2.4 Ghz Bluetooth and has a led battery life indicator so there will be no unexpected power losses during a presentation.

The additional controls are tucked away on the under belly of the mouse and include a button in the center to navigate through slide presentations, some media control buttons to control a presentation or other digital entertainment from just like a regular remote control, and has a button for a laser pointer to be able to point to your presentation projection or chart on the wall.

Some other cool features of the new Notebook Mouse:

  • Digital ink for highlighting information on the screen.
  • An on and off switch so you can actually turn the device off to conserve battery.
  • 4-way scrolling with a tilt will.
  • A protective carrying case.
  • An Instant Viewer tool so you can display all the open windows on your desktop and select the one you want. This is very handy when doing presentations in front of a lot of people so you are not fumbling around looking for the application you wanted to use.
  • Customizable buttons so that you can program the buttons to perform the most common functions you do.
Notebook Mouse [Microsoft]
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